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When your business has outgrown your capacity to manage your technology needs, reach out to the professionals at Technology Did It. Our scalable services are tailored to your company. Put our combined 45 years experience to work for you today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our business model allows the maintenance, repair, and growth anticipation of technology systems to be outsourced. This configuration is ideal for small businesses that have a need for technology support, but not the payroll to support a full-time team.
Our team has extensive experience in Google Workspace (GSuites & Google Apps), Microsoft 365, Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Windows, and Mac. In addition to these more common softwares and services we are also skilled in advanced functionalities such as VMWare VDI and Microsoft HyperV.
A Virtual Assistant answers emails, phone calls, routes and pays invoices while working remotely. Pretty much anything your growing business needs to allow you to focus on what you do best.
We start all clients out by meeting with them directly to discuss their needs and how we anticipate meeting them. Then followed by the legal mumbo jumbo and we get to work.


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